About Us

The Church

We are a group of Bible-believing Christians from all sorts of church backgrounds. We are passionate about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus and that is reflected in our style of worship which is modern, lively, and loud, but is also reflective, quiet, meditative and deep. You can expect us to use our voices and contemporary worship music to give praise to the King of Kings – Jesus Christ, by using multimedia to help us. The teaching from the Bible is relevant and powerful as Gods speaks to us. We expect to be changed to be more like Jesus every time we encounter Him in our lives.

The Team

Phil Lawrence has been a Christian for over fifty years involved in evangelism, Bible teaching and worship, for all age groups, mostly in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.  He is an Elder of HCS and he has a passion for seeing people follow Jesus and the Holy Spirit acting in power as the good news of Jesus is proclaimed. He participates in Christian outreach and training of church leaders. Phil retired early from his professional life as Group Financial Director of an International PLC. He is married to Margaret and they have four grown-up children.



View "miles"Miles Green an HCS Elder, has been a part of Harvest Church Leadership right from the beginning. His unique style and humour make him an excellent people person. He is married to Alexia and they both love having a dog around the place, usually from a rescue centre. Miles has a passion for Bible exposition and likes taking on some of the sticky topics front on which promote interesting debates and discussion. That in turn means that a lot is learned about the Christian faith in our secular world. He is a Director of a Pensions and wealth management business.






Eve Pepper is an HCS Elder who is a Christian with perspectives that proves thought-provoking and challenging. A long-time Church of England member, she has contact with young people who are facing life with a disability or less able condition that makes doing the ordinary something that is a laudable achievement. She provides us all with insights into the Christian life seen from an entirely different view, making sure that we never fall into any stereotypical patterns of thinking; keeping our faith relevant to the real world. 


Brian Chittick is HCtreasurer and Elder.  Now retired, this Scottish gentleman used to be head teacher at Ayscoughfee private School before going out to Egypt, with his wife Irene, to turn around a failing English school for a couple of years. Back in Spalding,  Brian is an active part of the leadership team. Brian’s unique insights into the Christian faith adds a much valued contribution to the life of the church.