Covid-19:  We are still holding our meetings as usual. During the UK lock-down Harvest church is using video conferencing to meet with exactly the same content as usual. Pray, worship, talk, sing and enjoy being in God’s presence with many others. If you would like to join in then just drop us an email. Unfortunately we cannot make you a cup of tea or serve food, you will have to do that yourselves.

HCS are a group of Christians who meet together to worship God and to learn from the Holy Spirit how to live life to its fullest. We have been changed from the inside out by the saving grace of Jesus Christ into worshipping, praising, exciting, vibrant people. We have been forgiven by God and we have a personal relationship with Him. We are not perfect yet but keep working at it by serving Jesus every day.  We have been given power by the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, see miracles and to reach out to those who are hurting, seeing situations change.

Most of all, though, we want to see individuals who do not have this special relationship with Jesus, to experience His love and forgiveness for themselves; to have Jesus come into their lives and bring positive change, freedom from sin and an abundance of life like they have never experienced before.

Come and find out how Jesus can make a difference in your life.  His gift of eternal life is free because He has already paid for it.

What to Expect on a Sunday Morning – Breakfast in Church!

Our morning is very informal. For the first half an hour we have a free cooked breakfast together and sit down at tables to eat, chat and drink fresh fruit juice or a hot tea or coffee. There are always cereals around if you do not like cooked food and toast, butter and marmalade are there too. Cooked food varies but usually there are bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs but sometimes we have had haggis or gone American style with pancakes. Hash browns, potato wedges, black pudding and mushrooms have made an appearance too so you never know what is going to be served each week. The home made bread just tops it all off very nicely indeed.

Then we spend the next hour using live and multimedia presentations to help bring ourselves before our amazing God and let Him speak into our hearts and lives through music, song, video, the spoken word and the Bible.  We are there to give Him the praise and worship he deserves and He enjoys hearing from us.  There is time given to putting into action any response we may need to give to what we have heard as we pray for each other and we include any needs that are brought to our attention. The music is contemporary worship and we encourage participation but it is not compulsory so if you want to carry on with another cup of tea, then you can, if you want to sit, raise your hands, stand or kneel you can do that as well.

The point is that being in church together with the Lord is an enjoyable time when we are renewed, refreshed and restored in our walk with Jesus and He enjoys our company. We just want to relax, enjoy and learn more about our fantastic God and see lives changed for the better.