New Position

I’m not sure if you will remember but probably a couple of years ago now when I was with you one Sunday I shared with you a picture of a lighthouse at the top of a hill with lots of different paths leading up to the lighthouse at the top.

This morning I had the same picture, but this time the last few people seemed to get to the top and then the doors closed and the light went out. A hand came down and picked up the building and then placed it down at the bottom of the hill in the town. The light began to shine again but this time stayed on permanently (rather than flashing). The doors opened and people began to go out and others come in.


What does Church look like?

On a Tuesday evening we are looking at the power gifts, fruits and ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit. How do they operate and fit together so that the church reaches unity and maturity?

Clue – it is not how the majority of churches are structured today.


What does this rather confusing book mean?  During Spring of 2020 Harvest Church is having a look at this book of the Bible on a Sunday Morning.

Just 10

J John takes a new look at the ten commandments and what they mean in our modern world. Harvest Church is taking a look at what these mean for our relationships with each other and to God.